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mukuCHU circle lenses ALL ITEMS ARE FROM $25 AUD… - +Cult Of Jrock+ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 21st, 2010|07:00 pm]
+Cult Of Jrock+

mukuCHU circle lenses


NEW: Candy Color Series~~ Big Diameter~~~ ♥ and many other new ranges

We have Pretty lens cases!
10% discount applied for purchase of 2 or more cases!

Kira Kira sale~

Buy 4 pairs, get the 5th pair FREE

Love Series (Plano Only) $25 AUD

Attention Jrockers and Cosplayers!
Choose any 2 pairs from below for only
$50 AUD

EOS Fancy Lenses (one pair for $30 AUD)
GEO Anime Lenses (one pair for $30 AUD)
Nudy Quarter Series (one pair for $29 AUD)
(No further discounts applied on this offer)

Everyday Promotion
10% off (p/pair) 2 or more pairs of any lenses
15% off (p/pair) 5 or more pairs of any lenses 
25% off (p/pair) 7 or more pairs of any lenses 

(discount does not apply to shipping fee)

Free lenses case with every pair!

Yes! We have instock lenses!

Pre-Order closes on the 25th of April

Want free advertising? We are looking for affiliates!!! Email us via our site! =D