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+Cult Of Jrock+

+Cult Of Jrock+

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+ Welcome to the Cult Of Jrock +

Welcome, this community is for fans of the Japanese music scene, and those who are contained within it.

+ Rules of the Cult Of Jrock +

1. Posts must stay on topic:
All posts must stay on topic. They have to be about the general subject of Jrock or Japanese culture. If your post is off topic then you will either be warned, or your post will be deleted without warning.

2. LJ cut rule:
You must use an lj cut for certain things contained in your post. If the post contains either pictures, a link to a website, auctions(This includes links, pictures, and descriptions), or a long post, please put it behind an lj cut.
To learn more about the lj cut click + Here +.

3. Member Etiquette:
You MUST treat the other members with respect. Constructive criticizm is of course welcome, although watch how you word this criticizm.

Watch your language. Harsh swearing is not allowed(Unless this is in the lyrics of a song mentioned, or something along those lines). Mild swearing is fine as long as its kept to a minimum.

Do not bash a band just because you are not a fan. If you don't like them you may say so, but please give a reason and not just ramblings on why they suck.

Repect the admin and moderators. This should be a given, as these are the people who make the community possible.

Administrator - your_christ
Moderators - fallen_saint